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Day Care & Boarding

dog daycare arlington txDay Care

Doggie Day Care is the new alternative to your dog’s daily boredom.  If your dog sleeps all day, complains of being lonely or is caged while you work, bring him in for a whole or half day of interactive fun with other dogs his size and temperament.  Dogs are pack animals and highly social so why not let him enjoy the pack structure again.

We offer inside and outside play yards with lots of toys supervised by our Pet Care Specialists. We have lunch and naps midday so bring a bagged lunch.  Our Day Care is limited to dogs under 30 lbs. and separated into groups according to size.  All dogs must be healthy, current on vaccinations, parasite free, spay or neutered (if over 6 months of age) and non-aggressive.  No pit bulls or bully breeds.

The first half day is free. This allows us time to assess your dog according to temperament, play and social skill levels. So set up an appointment and let us introduce your dog to new games and fun activities.   Your dog will be tired but happy at night and you will not feel guilty for leaving him home all day by himself.

Overnight Boarding

We offer INDOOR boarding that is climate controlled and supervised by our Pet Care Specialists.  Our pet hotel is for dogs and puppies under 30 lbs.  They participate in our Day Care groups and so they are not in runs or condos except to sleep at night or the midday nap time.  Please bring their food in zip lock bags per feeding.  We would like to keep the same schedule as you keep at home so they do not have upset tummies.  Bring any medication and we are happy to dispense it according to your directions.  We use a cuddly faux sheepskin bedding. Please do not bring extra bedding as we cannot guarantee the condition of it when you pick up.  We clean the hotel condos and runs with green products safe for your dog and we wash all dishes, water buckets and bedding daily.

Our Hotel is for healthy dogs current on vaccinations, parasite free, spay or neutered (if over 6 months of age) and non-aggressive.  No pit bulls or bully breeds. If you would like us to bathe or groom your dog before departure, just let us know when you check in.

If your dog is over 30 lbs., not spayed or neutered or needs more room to run, contact our other facility Country Acres Kennels at 817-467-2511.  Stop by either location for a tour of the facilities anytime.

Day Care and Boarding Rules
All dogs must be healthy and have current vaccinations. SICK DOGS should be boarded at the veterinary hospital. This is a HOTEL not a hospital.

Note:  We recommend you bring your own Dog Food to prevent upset tummies.

For safety and insurance reasons we cannot allow the following:

  • Dogs who do not play well with others
  • Unspayed females, unneutered males
  • Dogs over 30 Lbs
  • Pit bull dogs or pit bull dog mixes
  • Aggressive dogs of any breed

Country Acres Kennels, our sister company, has the space and facilities to provide day care and boarding for unspayed females or unneutered male dogs, dogs of any size and dogs who do not play well with others. The kennel has 11 play yards, 3 swimming pools and 15 acres of green grass. The kennel is just 15 minutes from here on South Cooper Street. Please ask the staff for a brochure.

Click Here to learn more about our limousine service to and from the kennel.