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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I’€™ve heard bad stories about kennels.

A -There are good and bad kennels, veterinarians, dog groomers, and lawyers etc. There has never been a day in over 40 years, including Christmas and Thanksgiving that every pet in the Kennel has not been properly taken care of. Even though the office is closed, the Kennel staff is here taking care of all the pets and the manager lives on the property to oversee everything. The facility is secured with several layers of fencing; and the building is protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Q -My vet says I should board my pet at the hospital.

A – Up until a few years ago, it was clearly stated in the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) code of ethics that it was unethical for veterinarians to board healthy pets in hospitals. All veterinary hospitals have sick pets. Many dogs and cat diseases are viral and airborne. Anytime pets go into a hospital they are exposed. There is no such thing as isolation when it comes to airborne viruses and no vaccine manufactured is 100% effective. This is why we don’€™t allow sick pets in the Kennel.

Q – What if my pet gets sick or injured while boarding?

A – Pets can occasionally get sick or hurt at the Kennel just as they can at home or anywhere else. We do everything possible for the well being of pets in our care. Should a problem occur, we do promise that we will do everything possible to help your pet, just as you the owner would do at home. Please refer to our boarding policies.

Q – What about having a neighbor or pet sitter feed my dog?

A – The Kennel in conjunction with the Arlington Humane Society operates the Lost and Found Dog System for the mid-cities area. Every week we receive calls from owners who come home from vacation only to find their dog gone. Dogs that have never dug under or jumped over a fence will when you’€™re gone. They get anxious when you don’€™t come home when you are expected. Boarding at the Kennel is reasonable and secure; also, dogs have fun being around other dogs. It’€™s a vacation for them too.

Q – What shots does my pet need to board?

A – All pets must be vaccinated correctly pursuant to manufacturer guidelines. Please refer to our boarding policies for specific requirements. So have your pet properly vaccinated well in advance of coming to the Kennel. We don’t board sick pets.

Q – Why are we encouraged to bring our own food?

A – Unlike people, dogs are sensitive to diet changes. There are now approximately 200 different commercial dog foods. No one likes an upset tummy, including your pet.

Q – When does my dog eat?

A – Due to the activities’ schedule at the Kennel, we prefer feeding the adult inside dogs in the morning, and the adult outside dogs in the evening. Puppies and adolescents need to be fed twice a day. Please advise us if a different schedule is necessary.

Q – Can my dogs board together?

A – Absolutely, so long as they are similar in size, and can eat, sleep and play well together.

Q – Will my dog(s) get to play with other dogs?

A – Generally, most dogs qualify for group PlayTime; however, not all dogs are capable of participating due to a lack of early and continued socialization, and/or obedience training.

Q – What about fleas and ticks and having my dog bathed?

A – We treat the grounds regularly and check all the pets, but this is Texas. They can invade your yard or our Kennel anytime. Dogs have a good time in the Kennel but, they are going to get scruffy, some more than others. If you want to take home a clean dog schedule him/her to be bathed just prior to pick-up. We charge minimal rates for bathing and dipping dogs when they are kenneled. If your pet arrives at the Kennel with fleas or ticks, they will be dipped immediately.

Q – What if my pet takes medication?

A – Yes, the Kennel will monitor and dispense medications/injections per your instructions. Please be aware however, the Kennel does not board sick and/or contageous pets.

Q – What is normal behavior when my dog goes home?

A – Pets will be excited, and given the opportunity will eat and drink everything in reach, even though they have had all the food and water they want at the Kennel. Limit the intake of food and water for the first 24 hours. This will normally prevent any loose stools. Dogs may sleep a lot for several days because they have been up all night barking and partying with all their friends. If you have any questions, give us a call. Contrary to what most owners think, for most dogs, being at the Kennel is a 24/7 party.