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We have been professionally training dogs and horses as well as other animals for over 40 years. We have trained many American Kennel Club (AKC) and American Field champions including one AKC National Field Trial Champion. We have trained obedience and agility dogs, handicap assistance dogs, retrievers, protection and tracking dogs, bomb and narcotics dogs as well as dogs for movies and TV commercials. When it comes to dog training, We wrote the book.

We offer professional obedience training to help solve common behavior problems: housebreaking, chewing, excessive barking, fence jumping, biting, jumping on people, not coming when called, and digging. At the Kennel, we have the space and facilities needed to properly train dogs. We have a regulation agility course, AKC obedience ring and plenty of room and distractions. Dogs are trained around other dogs, cats and people with real world and family life scenarios. Only when your dog will behave in the presence of all these distractions do you have a trained dog.

It takes a lot of time and patience to properly train a dog. Over the last 40 plus years we have developed different programs to fit different owners’ needs. In early training, dogs must be trained multiple times each day working within their attention span, with rest periods between training sessions. You can’t work with dogs past their attention span and you can’t push dogs faster than they have the ability to learn. Dogs, just like people, have different levels of ability and learn at different speeds. Just like there are no two people alike; there are no two dogs alike.

All of our training programs involve training the owner as well as the dog. This doesn’t mean that owners have to do all the hard day-to-day training work, but owners must learn how to control their dog. Over the years we have learned that many behavior problems are actually owner problems, not dog problems. Much of the time that owners spend at the Kennel during the training process is spent in a classroom, blackboard environment with degreed behavioral psychologists understanding how dogs’ brains function. All of our programs include a lecture series on dog psychology, veterinary care, nutrition, grooming and flea and tick control. Owners must learn how to do things correctly at home and follow through. Otherwise, all the dog training in the world will not work. Pick the program that will work best for you and your dog.

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